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Dealing with addiction is not something that you should have to do alone. If you are dealing with opiate dependency, it is important that you fight the addiction in a clean and medically safe way. In recent years, the use of suboxone treatments has begun to replace methadone as a primary method of dealing with opiate dependency. Understanding how to get the help you need is largely a matter of understanding how the treatment works, how you can find a doctor who provides this type of treatment and learning how to pay for the treatments yourself. 

What is Suboxone and How Does it Work?


Simply put, it is a combination of drugs used to help treat opioid dependency. The two drugs included in the treatment are buprenorphine and naloxone, each of which plays an important role in the reduction of withdrawal symptoms. The buprenorphine acts as an agent to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, while the naloxone acts as a measure to prevent the patient from over-using to get a more powerful narcotic effect. The two drugs are combined to help ensure that patients are able to be weaned off of opiates without suffering from some of the more deleterious effects of other common drugs.

The Benefits


An individual under the supervision of a doctor has a chance to fight his or her addiction through the use of a sophisticated combination of drugs. Unlike some other methods that are used to fight opiate dependency, suboxone removes the initial, more powerful high of the drugs used to wean an individual off of his or her opiate of choice. Doctors who prescribe the drug do so in a manner that helps an individual to avoid adverse effects, not in a manner that can create a new dependency. This helps to create a more regimented tapering off period that tends to have fewer negative side effects.



The Process


When most individuals seek out this sort of treatment, they start by looking for answers about the treatment itself. Doing so requires taking the time to find a doctor in your area. Once you have found the doctor, you can generally expect to go through the following steps:

-  An initial in-home treatment

-  Multiple follow-up treatments in a clinical setting

-  Further treatment with other addiction specialists, including group therapy and cognitive behavior therapy visits depending on the individual's issues and needs.

Health Insurance Requirements


Most individuals who seek out this form of treatment are at least somewhat curious about how to cover the cost. Fortunately, an increasingly high number of insurance companies have begun to offer full coverage, though usually with an aggressively high co-pay. Not every plan will cover the treatment, though, and some plans still do not recognize the drug as a necessity. As such, it is important to make sure that you check with your insurance agency by calling the help line number on the back of your insurance card. Coverage always depends on one's individual plan.

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