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Suboxone Doctors in Louisville, KY

Suboxone---a synthetic treatment made to aid in the battle of addiction, has many benefits on the road to recovery. This treatment, or drug, has been studied since 1978 and cuts down on the symptoms of cravings and withdrawal. Suboxone often lead to a successful recovery when combined with counseling and overall support in development of everyday skills. In Louisville, there are several places to find help.


Suboxone has two main components, naloxone and buprenorphine hydrochloride. These two result in a treatment option that has proven to be more effective and successful than methadone. Methadone, which is known to be highly addictive, often causes a relapse for the patient. Naloxone, as part of Suboxone abuse, or over-use, by blocking feelings of euphoria and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The Buprenorphine hydrochloride, as the other part, controls sensations of pain and blocks opiates cravings.


Louisville residents can participate in programs offered by 48 doctors and 4 clinics. The Center for Behavioral Health---a highly rated, well-known facility---delivers several services, including intensive outpatient care, customized treatment plans and counseling. You can work with doctors in the area if you prefer one-on-one treatment. Keep in mind that doctors can only see a maximum number of Suboxone customers at once. If you call and cannot get into treatment, call back weekly or bi-weekly to inquire about openings.


Battling addiction is hard, but you can recover and restore your life. Begin your recovery today by choosing a Louisville doctor from the list below or using the search tool above.