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Suboxone Doctors in Milwaukee, WI

Suboxone combines naloxone with the opioid buprenorphine. A Suboxone doctor administers this drug to patients that suffer from addiction to opioids. This mixture of drugs allows addicted patients to receive a moderate amount of an opioid substance while reducing or reversing many negative effects associated with such substances. The end result is usually freedom from addiction and the various side effects of opioid use.


If you are looking for assistance with an opioid addiction in the Milwaukee area, then you have a wide variety of options. There are a number of clinics treat opioid addiction as well as many Suboxone doctors that provide prescriptions for this medication in their offices. 


Among the clinics that treat addiction is the Milwaukee Pain Treatment Center. Located at 5400 N. 118th Ct. just off of West Silver Spring Drive, this clinic is conveniently located near the freeway.


There are also many physicians in private practice who offer services for addiction treatment right out of their offices. These include Suboxone doctors such as William Anderson, MD working out of the VA hospital and Kathleen Trott, who has a practice at 1661 N. Water Street in Suite 301.


No matter where you are in Milwaukee, there are Suboxone doctors ready to help you to fight addiction.


Buprenorphine/opiate addiction Doctor with OPENINGS

We specialize in treating individuals who are suffering from opiate/opioid addiction or dependancy. Our facility and staff treat patients with the highest level of respect and privacy.

W176N9830 Rivercrest Drive suite 102 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53022

phone: view phone414-324-0944

fax: view fax414-921-5600


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930 East Knapp Street Suite #22 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53202

phone: view phone(414) 270-1011

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7330 West Layton Avenue Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53220

phone: view phone(414) 281-1677

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8701 Watertown Plank Road Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53226

phone: view phone(414) 955-8990

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6040 West Lisbon Suite 200 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53210

phone: view phone(414) 447-9890

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Clement J. Zablocki VA hospital 5000 West National Avenue Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53295

phone: view phone(414) 384-2000

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4383 North 27th Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53216

phone: view phone(414) 871-8883


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5400 North 118th Court Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53225

phone: view phone(414) 257-4673

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1134 West North Avenue Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53205

phone: view phone(414) 374-9575

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1220 Dewey Avenue Suite 208 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53213

phone: view phone(414) 454-6731

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